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Brief presentation of the trading company ROMCONFORT S.R.L.

In the year 1966 it is established the Office for the Construction of Personal Ownership Homes (OCLPP) whose activity object was the construction of personal property homes in Bucharest Municipality.

Within this program, the activity of the company consisted in the elaboration of documentations, the tracking of the execution of the works by high competence specialty personnel and their delivery to beneficiaries (natural persons). The financing of these works was done both with own funds and also with funds from state budget.

OCLPP's activity materialized in the construction of over 40000 habitations, personal ownership, constriction type villa, in different residential assemblies in Bucharest and surroundings.

In 1973, once "The Regional Development Plan of Habitations in Bucharest Municipality" was elaborated, OCLPP transforms in the Enterprise of Purchase and Sale of Habitations in Bucharest (ICVL), which, with this opportunity, widens its activity scope by building flats in blocks (blocks with more floors).

In the 18 activity years ICVL manages to build over 330000 flats with financing by state credits and over 20000 habitations type villa with own financing.

In 1991, based on the Decision of the Local Council of Bucharest Municipality and Law 31/1990 concerning trading companies, ICVL restructures itself and becomes Romanian legal person with a structure of shareholders of 70% state capital (FPS) and 30% private capital (FPP), named "ROMCONFORT".

Subsequently, the structure of the shareholders modifies by the purchase of shares by MEBO method in 1996 and then in 2004, by purchasing the majority of shares from AVAS; this, today the entire capital of the company is private and 10% owned by natural persons.

The main activity of the company "ROMCONFORT" concentrated after 1991 in the finalization of approximately 120 blocks with over 6000 flats. The financing source was mixed (both own resources and also from the budget according to Government Decision no 39/1993 and Emergency ordinance no 19/1994.

Continues the diversification of the activity by taking over for sales habitations built from state funds according to Law-Decree no 61/1991, habitations capitalization based on Law 112/1995 (nationalized houses) and LAW no 114/1996.

Presently, the activity of the company consists in the financial administration of sold habitations (tracking, cashing and transfer of afferent rates and interests), sales of new habitations built from state funds, and also the capitalization of the available archive fund of the company.

The company develops its activity according to Law 31/1990 republished, according to an own STATUTE and an Internal Regulation Policy, observing the Romanian legislation in force.

The company has 20 employees, with the organizational structure approved by the Administration Board.

Capitalizing the advantage of ultra central position in the capital (km 0), the company continues on an ascendant scale the activity of real estate transactions being ARAI member.

To the high dynamic of the transactions on real estate domestic market, "ROMCONFORT" ties to diversify the offer of opportunities by contracting European and also American foreign partners.

We can inerrably state that, by the nature of our performances, "ROMCONFORT" is the oldest company in this field from Romania, a pioneer of Real Estate activity.

By a flexible policy in the filed, with an ambitious and at the same time professional board of management, we have the guarantee that we will have successes for many years on.

We wait for the people interested to come to Romania and invest here in the presently most dynamic field, according to our slogan "everybody must win in real estate."


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